Store of the Future

From a storage cupboard to the London Design Museum.

“What was most immediately striking about Farfetch's Store of the Future demonstration was the simplicity and elegance of the customer experience.”

I'm a creative digital marketing professional with a passion for user experience and interactive design, with 5+ years of experience.

I'm currently living in Seattle, Washington in a two-bedroom apartment and a self-proclaimed sphynx cat photographer. I work at Doe-Anderson as a Senior Art Director. My hobbies include playing music, bingeing Netflix like a true millennial, and obsessing over anything design.

Two integral elements of design, I believe, are user experience and branding. I value storytelling while considering human-based design, so I’m able to explore new ways brands can connect with people. I'm constantly gathering inspiration and searching for innovative ideas.


Product Design Lead

Type of work

Connected Products / iOS Apps / Displays





A superpower for sales associates

Farfetch's Store of the Future is a suite of connected products that use the advantages of online shopping together with the magic of physical retail to provide customers a better shopping experience.

I was fortunate enough to be a founding member of the Store of the Future team (Product Designer Lead) that received international acclaim and were granted a patent for the customer experience we created.

Note: I've recreated the all screens in this project. Who knew all those drop shadows wouldn't stand the test of time?!


A lot of press was very kind about the Store of the Future when it was displayed in the design museum

  • Forbes
  • Reuters
  • Vogue
  • The Drum
  • Bloomberg
  • Business of Fashion


Patent Award

Our Store of the Future experience was deemed unique enough to be awarded patents in multiple countries.