Store of the Future


The Store of the Future concept took the advantages of online shopping and brought them together with the magic of physical retail to provide customers a better shopping experience.

RoleProduct Design Lead

All the things we Would build

The apps

A super power for the sales associate, the apps facilitated the experience by connecting the customer and their shopping preferences to the store staff.

More Details

Sales associates wore Apple Watches and we built a WatchOS app to allow them to receive stock requests from customers in fittings rooms.

The customer iOS+Android apps allow them to connect to the store, unlock a fitting room, request they are not disturbed and use NFC to shortlist items for the future.

The team was two designers + production assistance, four engineers and a lot more fantastic support.

Examples of the sales associates watch app, sales associates view of customers and customer app
UI system for Multiple Brands
Several out of hundreds of Early Wireframes

Fitting Room

Our research uncovered three key problems with fitting rooms in stores. Queues, unnatural lighting and having to get dressed to get a different size. We have tried to solve them all.

More Details

The mirror uses RFiD and a touch interface to display the clothes in the fitting room. It shows stock levels and allows a customer to request different sizes – the request is sent to the sales associates watch.

The customer app allows them to request a fitting room, which can then only be unlocked using their device.

The lighting in the room can be controlled by the app.

The team was two designers + production assistance and two engineers. The mirrors with touch interfaces were built to our specs by a third party.

The RFID powered mirror allowed customers to order more sizes from the fitting room
The first prototype of the voice activated lighting
Sales associate watches received the requests

Connect to store

Data privacy and unwanted tracking has become a real concern for shoppers so we wanted to make sure the customer always intends to take part in the Store of the Future experience.

More Details

We built a 'scan to connect' feature into the app that used a QR code and created a case for a barcode scanner and Raspberry Pi send and confirm the request to connect with the sales associates.

The team was one designer (me) + help, two engineers and a lot of assistance from a 3D manufacturing firm.

We built the early mockups in card + foamboard
technical drawing of the scanner for the 3d printers
A prototype to test connecting the customer to the store
Render of Module to connect customers to store

Success & Press

The concept was launched at the London Design Museum in Kensington. It later moved into the iconic British fashion and luxury goods boutique, Browns East in Shoreditch.

Our Store of the Future concept contributed to Farfetch's 2019 pre-IPO valuation of $6.2billion.

What was most immediately striking about Farfetch’s Store of the Future demonstration was the simplicity and elegance of the customer experience.
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I've had a lot of trouble with people stealing this work and passing it off as their own so I've had to remove a lot of the information. I've got a case study I can share if you'd like to see it.