HSBC x Adobe

An international design system.


UX Design Lead

Type of work

Design System


18 weeks


Wunderman Thompson

Reduce build time and promote consistency of the new brand.

HSBC had 46 completely different websites. Almost one per country they traded in. I was part of the team from Wunderman Thompson tasked to work with Adobe to create a single suite of internationally accessible components.

The system and components we made allowed local teams of content authors to quickly build web pages in their local language whilst adhering to the new brand guidelines.

My Role

  • Interviews with markets and consolidation of current approach
  • Designed 52 page components that could result in more than 2500 on-brand page variations
  • Designing components to be fully accessible for users in English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese
  • Created and promoted the design system and the flexibility to HSBC's teams


  • 2 weeks from kick off to prototypes
  • Average 8% higher conversion within 60 days of launching across 8 key markets. This equates to about $80 million / pa